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Can I import Names from excel file?

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asked Dec 18, 2013 in Teacher Portal by chancynordick (260 points)

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You certainly can! From the student roster, click "Browse" at the bottom of the page and select your completed .csv file. A template with proper formatting is available here.

- Kate

answered Dec 19, 2013 by Official_Support (7,350 points)
I have tried using this format but after selecting it from the "Browse" button, how do we get it to actually upload???  I have tried all the options/buttons to the left of the file.
Make sure that Grade Level either has valid numbers OR you can delete that column.  My understanding is that a fix is on the way.  Currently a blank or non-number in this column kills the update without telling you (looks like it's just sitting there).  I had the same problem.
The problem mentioned by MikeTestUser has been fixed.  Does not matter if grade level has numbers in it (although we like this information!).  You can add a password column if you like but students are not required to have passwords (this too is preferred but not required).