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What do I do on Monday?

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I assume I log in on Monday and I'll be given some instructions on how my students are supposed to play.
asked Feb 1, 2014 in General Questions by abc123miguel (130 points)

1 Answer

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You should be able to see you student links on the "Play Games" page.  Below the Demo link, there should be at least one link for your classes.  If you happen to have links for different grade levels, any link (other than the demo link) should work.  It is not critical that you use the specified link (this may be very helpful if you have a mixed grade level class - just pick one and use it for everyone).

IF YOU DO NOT SEE the grade link on the "Play Games" page, then pick an appropriate class level on this page and click the Generate Links.  After you click this (assuming you've picked a grade level), a grade link will appear.

A grade link will be something like (THIS EXAMPLE DOES NOT WORK).

To make things even easier, your students do NOT need to type the "http://", just (forward slash which is in the lower right below the question mark) and the goofy code provided.

NOTE: You cannot use a colleague's code.  This tinyurl address will only work for YOUR students.

Want to test before class on Monday?  Find the tinyurl address and the username of a student and their password (if they have one) and try it out.  You should get a screen that says to wait until Feb 3rd and the shows the levels locked in chains!

Thanks for participating!

answered Feb 1, 2014 by official_support (7,350 points)