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We can't get onto to our site to do the problems! "Servers Overloaded" Message

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We checked out the laptops for 2 hours this morning and only 1 kid got into the site.  Then none of his scores showed up after he logged off.  So disappointing!  What can we do? We have designated times set aside this week to do the algebra and need to know if we will be able to do this.  The kids want to do it at home as well, so hoping they can get on tonight.
asked Feb 3, 2014 in DragonBox by kdiffatte (160 points)
edited Feb 3, 2014 by official_support

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   I believe I talked to you by phone this morning and we verified that the type of problem you are having.  We are working on resolving this issue.  I'm sorry it's caused a disruption in your classroom.

    I'm hopeful that most teachers and students will not get the "Servers Overloaded" error.  However, if you are reading this and have the same problem, it would be extremely helpful if you would call me at 425-312-3363 or email at  Providing the e-mail you registered with, your username, your school, a phone number, and the tinyurl address that you are using will all be helpful in resolving the problem.



answered Feb 3, 2014 by official_support (7,350 points)
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This was a problem from Day One that was fixed earlier in the day.